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What is Picovagar?


Curious and looking for inspiration?

Want to know where are the monuments around you?

Or you just need to take a walk seeing something beautiful?

Picovagar is a self guided tour app that allows you to search for the nearest
monument, work of art, historical building, ruin, tourist park, church, synagogue or mosque, will take you by the hand to see her and will tell her story.


So if you are at home for the weekend, in London for a day, or on vacation in Rome, Nice, Milan and Tokyo, Florence and Venice, Mexico City, Picovagar will take you to the discovery of curiosity, beauty and monuments wherever you are.

Activate your GPS-driven and discover what’s around you.

Picovagar the self guided tour app breang you to discover the history of the world with a simplicity never seen before – and is available in any language you want.

Rome’s ultimate ‘must-sees’

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Naples’s ultimate ‘must-sees’

Florence’s ultimate ‘must-sees’

Why Picovagar

Self guided tour Picovagar is for anyone who wants to live the place and simply not visit it.

truly you discover the cities of the world: ancient, unique, enchanted and mysterious.

Be guided by a friend who takes you by the hand through the preferred and intriguing streets, telling you the secret stories related to the monuments and to the spirits that still surround the magical and enchanted places of the capital.

All this is Picovagar!

A Self guided tour tasty and fun cities of the world and beyond.

Picovagar is inspired by the true travel experiences, discovering the magic that spurs us continually to travel new paths.

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